Walk-Behind Mower Service for Honda, John Deere, Husqvarna Only

Walk-Behind Mower Service for Honda, John Deere, Husqvarna Only


Power Place - Whitehouse
297 Route 22 East
Whitehouse Station, NJ

Service Description

Your equipment requires periodic Preventive Maintenance. Our technicians will perform all of the manufacturers required maintenance while testing and evaluating the condition of all of the working components of your machine. 

  • Change engine oil & filter*
  • Perform engine diagnostic tests*
  • Change air filter and pre-cleaner*
  • Replace spark plug(s)*
  • Sharpen and balance or replace blades*
  • Check safety systems
  • Check wheel bolts and check / tighten loose hardware
  • Clean engine cooling fins and screens
  • Battery-clean, power test, and check electrolyte level
  • Lubricate all fittings and cables as equipped.
  • Test drive and check unit for overall performance

*The 14 Point Service Price includes all labor costs for machines in running condition and does not include the cost of the parts installed such as filters, spark plugs and lubricants. The average cost of these items ranges from $25-$60. We will be happy to quote these charges for you if you supply your brand and model number information. 

If your machine is not running; additional charges may apply depending on the problem. We can provide the necessary diagnostics to evaluate and estimate the cost to repair the equipment. Please see our "Service Policies" section under the Service.

Transportation is available but at additional charge depending on your location.